5 Star Boutique Hotel in Buenos Aires

Stepping through the stunning six meter-high door made of French oak from wine barrels, on the distinguished Quintana Avenue, at the heart of distinct Recoleta, MIO BUENOS AIRES stands apart. A blend of daring design, comfort and meticulous service with state-of-the-art technology stands out as a fusion of luxury, high-tech functionality and pleasure. Fine materials such as calden wood, glass, cotton, oak, steel, marble and silk, all combine beautifully to create a unique aesthetic that stands apart in a tangible sensation of warmness and intimacy in each and every one of the thirty rooms and suites of MIO BUENOS AIRES.

Vanguard design

The ample selection of lighted spaces coupled with the each and every detail and exclusive pieces, places MIO BUENOS AIRES at the forefront of design sophistication. Rooms and suites with no partition walls to take full advantage of the width of each dimension, maintaining the space continuance filled with natural light. MIO BUENOS AIRES stands out as an icon of distinct identity that combines luxury, elegance and original design, with customized care and an exceptional service, featuring a blend of luxury, hi-tech functionality and pleasure.
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Bathtubs made of Wood

Bathtubs were created by Mario Dasso, a talented Argentinean whose art consists in engraving nature. Mario does not pick any particular tree; he would rather go into the mountain and surprise himself. He listens to that inner voice that guides him, the same voice that his ancestors -the Mapuche Indian tribes- used to hear. It is then when the wood would come to him to find that amazing calden waiting for him. The artist works with dead trees. In La Pampa, the story goes that when a calden tree dies, it does no longer watch nature but starts narrating its story. This Pampa artist does not choose the trees, the trees find him. He does not choose the final work, he goes for it. Every artwork is unique and has a message. Every MIO BUENOS AIRES bathtub has been meticulously engraved by Mr. Dasso.

Doors made from Wine Barrels

MIO BUENOS AIRES doors are made of wine barrels made of pure French oak, on which the streaks marking the wine path, their poise and work dedication stands out.
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Art and Decoration

Hotel boutique MIO BUENOS AIRES offers its public areas for the promotion of Argentine artists, privileging the exhibition of emerging artists to make their contribution to the diffusion of the extraordinary talent of our artists.

Hotel in Buenos Aires with design

With a strong identity and a style of clean and clear lines, MIO BUENOS AIRES makes a different and risky design bet, and a balanced combination of avant-garde and sophistication. Double height in the lobby that generates a majestic amplitude until the end, where the look rests in a waterfall characteristic of a magical realism scenario, with butterflies, running water, and a garden that grows vertically.

Boutique and Art Design

The designer Delfina Rossi, stood out as the guiding axis of this project. Delfina mixed the mastery of the inherited good taste, the expert eye and the grace of the uncontaminated youth.

Delfina also gave life to the spaces, through her true art and passion. She creates gardens and the transgression of the young age pushed this young artist, only 25 years old, to defy gravity and create a garden, but leaving aside conventionalisms.

True details everywhere, designed one by one, stylish furniture upholstered with the most exclusive German fabric, authentic pieces of designers from the world, Japan, Italy, Indonesia and of course Argentina.

Talent in every corner. The Architect Hector Maffi contributed his unlimited gaze, leaving his personal mark, possible to recognize in each of the spaces. The design of MIO BUENOS AIRES is the result of the talent and creativity of a diverse and varied group of aesthetic professionals, always under the careful and demanding direction of its owner, Cristina Catena.

Blending the future with tradition, the materials combine cold, warmth, present, innovation, history, art and color. Steel, glass, marble, stone, harmoniously mixed with the warmth of the wood of the doors of French centenary oak coming from wine barrels, the caldén of the bathtubs and the silk and wool of each piece of decoration chosen.

The eccentricity is also present in MIO BUENOS AIRES, where it is possible to find a steam bath located in the very center of the great MIO suites. The bathroom, normally of purely utilitarian functionality, is transformed into a majestic space, featuring a one-piece wooden bathtub, a sculpture, a work of art created by a talented artist, Mario Dasso exclusively for MIO BUENOS AIRES.

The bathtub, located in the middle of an area of ​​marble, steel and glass and completely integrated into the room, stands out in a fascinating way. 8TH SPA The hotel spa was created as a refuge in the city. Floors covered with black stone of San Luis, lower the intensity of natural light that filters through the large windows of the eighth floor. A waterfall falls irreverently over the pool with giant Jacuzzi effect, simulating the energetic sound of tropical rain.

The treatment area for the body and the soul could be identified as an iced jug of ice, lemon, ginger and honeycomb. Wood, glass, steel and the warmth of the cabinets prepared for the most complete comfort of the guest, which has been the absolute priority in every decision made by the group of artists who have participated in the creation of this place so out of series.